Which coffee is best for a geyser coffee maker?

True coffee connoisseurs know several ways to prepare this aromatic drink. Everyone chooses the optimal one for themselves, based on the amount of time spent and the result obtained. The most famous containers for making coffee are French press, Turk, pour over and electric coffee machines. Other methods of brewing the drink are less common. For example, few have heard of the existence of a geyser coffee maker, and this method of brewing, by the way, produces a very aromatic and rich drink.

Professional baristas have developed universal recommendations for preparing and choosing coffee for a geyser coffee maker. Let's look at the main ones.

Features of coffee selection

The main criteria for choosing coffee for a geyser model of coffee maker are:

  1. Variety . There are only three types: Arabica, Robusta and Liberica . The latter variety contains a minimal amount of caffeine and is used only in cases where it is necessary to reduce the cost of a product. Arabica and robusta have a pleasant taste and give vigor, but the second option has a low price and a less intense aroma.
  2. Roasting degree . The higher the degree of roasting, the richer the prepared drink will be. Light roasting gives the grains a light brown hue, delicate taste and aroma, while heavy roasting gives them a dark brown color and a distinct bitter taste.
  3. Grinding _ A medium or coarse grind is suitable for brewing a drink in a geyser coffee maker.
  4. Availability of flavorings . Coffee with hints of orange, vanilla or amaretto attracts with its unusual aroma, however, these chemical additives mask the real taste, preventing you from enjoying the natural drink.
  5. Manufacturer . As a rule, the highest quality products are from well-known brands. The cost of such products may differ slightly from less popular brands, but the taste of the drink will be more pleasant.

Important! When choosing coffee, you need to pay attention to the expiration date, information on the label and packaging - it must be sealed and without damage.

Advantages of a geyser coffee maker

A geyser coffee maker has a number of advantages over other methods of making coffee:

  • Cooking does not require any special skills, the process happens by itself. At this time, you can calmly go about your business and not worry about the need to constantly monitor the cooking process.
  • It is impossible to miss the exact time when the drink is ready, since the geyser coffee maker hisses as all the water evaporates from the reservoir.
  • The prepared drink has a high density and a richer taste.
  • Low cost compared to electric coffee machines.

Product preparation

To prepare a delicious drink, you need to choose the right coffee beans and prepare the coffee - this is an important step that you cannot do without.

How to grind?

You can grind the beans yourself using a coffee grinder or purchase ready-made ground coffee . Coffee shops and specialty stores often offer coffee bean grinding services.

In such places you can choose and purchase the desired variety, and also ask to immediately grind the grains, having previously specified the degree of grinding.

Despite the fact that the product is not stored for long, it has excellent taste, a pleasant aroma and retains its beneficial properties.

Attention! When using an electric coffee grinder at home, it will take 5-7 seconds to get the desired grind.

How to choose grind?

Finely ground beans are not suitable for a geyser-type coffee maker , as small coffee particles can get into the upper section of the device, ruining the appearance and taste of the prepared drink. For the optimal option, you need a coarse or medium grind .

The ideal grind is called “coarse espresso” - the crushed beans are smaller than for preparing a drink in a Turk, but slightly more than for brewing a drink in a French press.

What does the degree of grinding affect?

The degree of grinding affects two important points:

  1. Taste of the drink . Finely ground coffee prevents water from flowing freely through the filter, resulting in an overly bitter coffee. A coarsely ground drink, on the contrary, does not create an obstacle for the liquid . In this case, the water does not have time to absorb the color and characteristic aroma of the ground grains.
  2. Ease of use . Finely ground coffee beans can clog the filter of the device during the preparation process. The coffee maker will not stop working and will not deteriorate, but to obtain a drink, the device will have to be disassembled, thoroughly rinsed and the filter refilled.

What is a geyser coffee maker?

The operating principle of the coffee maker is similar to a functioning natural geyser, hence the name. The device uses the power of hot steam to prepare a drink. In the process of boiling water, water vapor is formed, escaping from the container under pressure. Jets of steam pass through the ground coffee and are saturated with the taste and aroma of the product.

It should be noted that the taste is somewhat different from the traditional drink brewed in a Turk. It acquires brighter notes and a unique aroma.

Geyser coffee makers differ in size. Usually they are designed for one serving of coffee, but in stores there are also options designed for making coffee for a large company.

It is necessary to use the coffee maker strictly in accordance with the size, since a small amount of water in a large container will not be able to perform the desired function.

Geyser coffee makers are mainly made of steel or aluminum. Some novice coffee drinkers fear that new containers will give the drink an unpleasant steely taste, but this nuisance quickly passes. After only three preparations of the drink, special substances contained in freshly ground coffee settle on the walls of the coffee maker. They prevent aluminum from oxidizing and any particles from getting into the drink.

One of the recommendations for caring for your coffee maker is to avoid aggressive detergents. Coarse abrasive particles can damage the protective inner layer and cause the coffee to taste metallic.

Cooking recipes

The traditional recipe for cooking in a geyser coffee maker includes only two main ingredients: water and high-quality ground beans .

It is worth noting! Using these components in the right proportions, you can get a delicious drink in just 5-10 minutes, without putting much effort into its preparation.

This option will be appreciated by espresso lovers, however, people who like to try interesting combinations, complementing the classic drink with various syrups or creams, should prepare coffee using new recipes .

  1. Irish.


  • freshly brewed black coffee – 80 ml;
  • Irish whiskey – 40 ml;
  • whipped cream – 30 ml;
  • cane sugar – 1 tsp.

Pour the coffee prepared in the coffee maker into a preheated tall glass, add sugar and warm whiskey. Stir the contents of the glass and carefully pour the whipped cream over the blade of the knife.

  1. Cappuccino.


  • ground coffee - 2 tsp;
  • water – 1 glass;
  • sugar - to taste;
  • milk – 70 ml;
  • cinnamon - a pinch.

Brew coffee as usual and pour it into a glass or cup, adding sugar. In a separate container, beat the milk with a blender with a whipping attachment, a mixer, or using a French press. Pour the delicate foam into the glass and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Important! You can quickly prepare cappuccino using the Bialetti Mukka Express model. When using other coffee makers, you will have to froth the milk yourself.

  1. Mochaccino.


  • espresso – 50 ml;
  • warm milk – 100 ml;
  • chocolate topping – 50 ml;
  • whipped cream – 1-2 tbsp.

Pour chocolate topping and milk alternately into a glass glass. Then carefully add espresso along the blade of a knife and decorate the drink with whipped cream.

Which brand is best to use?

Natural freshly ground coffee is the best option for preparing a rich and aromatic drink , but if you don’t want to grind beans in a coffee grinder, you can use another option and purchase ready-made ground coffee from trusted manufacturers.

Which is better? Among the wide variety of brands, professionals and coffee connoisseurs prefer the following brands :


Jardin occupies a leading position in the Russian market , because in order to obtain a high-quality drink, the manufacturer uses modern technologies for double-roasting coffee beans in a protected environment.
The main advantage of Jardin is the wide range of both grain and ground , so everyone can find the most suitable option for themselves.

When using a geyser-type coffee maker, it is best to purchase Jardin Espresso di Milano - medium-ground beans in vacuum packaging. The coffee is a mixture of three types of Arabica, characterized by a delicate honey aroma and chocolate taste with a slight almond bitterness, so it will definitely appeal to espresso fans.


The brand has proven itself well in the global market and is very popular among consumers.

For your information! All stages of coffee production are carried out at one plant, where elite varieties of beans are researched, roasted, crushed and finished products are packaged.

To prepare an invigorating drink using a coffee maker, Egoiste Noir is an ideal option - medium-roasted beans with a slight sourness, caramel-chocolate notes and a bright bitterness. also worth trying Egoiste Espresso - dark roasted beans with a pronounced aroma and tart taste.

The cost of Egoiste coffee is slightly higher than other brands, since all types of products are premium class.


A world-famous company whose product line includes grain, ground and instant coffee at an affordable price.
Among the main types of Chibo coffee are :

  • Exclusive - a drink with floral notes, delicate aroma and balanced taste;
  • Black & White is a strong and rich drink for lovers of classic long-roasted black coffee;
  • Gold Mokka is ground coffee with notes of oriental spices, a velvety taste and a multifaceted aroma.

By the way! The company carefully monitors the quality of its products, using exclusively selected Arabica and Robusta beans.


The Italian company, which has conquered more than 90 countries with its products, has been offering consumers ground and bean coffee of the highest quality for 120 years.

A distinctive feature of the brand is a wide selection of flavors that will appeal to even the most demanding coffee lovers. For connoisseurs of a strong coffee drink prepared in a geyser coffee maker, experts recommend paying attention to the following types :

  • Caffè Espresso;
  • Club;
  • Gran Espresso.

Consumers who prefer an aromatic drink with hints of chocolate, exotic fruits or flowers should try the following types of Lavazza coffee:

  • L'espresso Gran Crema;
  • Espresso Crema & Aroma;
  • Qualità Oro;
  • Caffè Decaffeinato.

People who eat organic foods most often buy Tierra Bio Organic, a tropical-fruit-flavored Arabica coffee grown on certified farms.


A brand popular in Russia and Finland, producing several brands of coffee and related products of high quality. The Paulig company takes a responsible approach to the purchase of raw materials and their processing, so freshly brewed coffee turns out amazingly tasty and refined .

For your information! The brand's trade line is represented by beans and ground coffee in various packaging - from small packs to large packages that can be used in bars.

To prepare a drink in a geyser-type coffee maker, Paulig Classic medium roast coffee is perfect , combining the delicate aroma of coffee beans, a rich velvety taste with bitterness and a pleasant aftertaste.


Budget coffee made in Russia.
The manufacturer places the main emphasis on Arabica, adding Robusta only to varieties intended for making espresso. Coffee beans are purchased from Asia, Africa and South America. Lebo Original is a natural medium-roasted premium coffee with a light chocolate aroma . The finished drink has a fairly traditional taste, is not bitter or sour, and therefore will appeal to lovers of classic coffee without various additions.

Note! Lebo coffee is supplied in glass and tin cans, as well as in foil vacuum packaging that preserves the unique aroma of the beans.


An Italian brand whose product range includes espresso mixtures and coffee blends. The brand enjoys special respect among Russian consumers and is known in more than 100 countries around the world, where the coffee drink is also consumed with great pleasure.

Several types are considered popular:

  • Brazilian Origins;
  • Selezione Crema;
  • Decaffeinated;
  • Buono;
  • Costa Rican Origins.

Important! Segafredo not only processes grains responsibly, but also cares about the environment, provides assistance to farmers, invests in the education of local residents and works to improve their quality of life.

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